Arabic Subtitling Services in DubaiArabic Subtitling Services in Dubai

Subtitling is a translation process that has its own specifications and restrictions in terms of time and space. So, the issue is not only to translate the spoken speech into written text but also to embed such translated text into videos and synchronize it with the image and the audio within the determined time and space. As such, this kind of translation requires highly professional translation subtitlers who have the skill to retain the meaning and context of the original version within the subtitles. Thanks to our highly experienced team of subtitlers, who has solid linguistic and technical skills, Petra Legal Translation can provide you with top-notch subtitling services for videos, documentaries, films, television programs, video games and the like. We understand the content we are working on, retain the meaning and context of the original version, convey the same in another language and edit the translated text to meet the parameters of the subtitles, taking into account some factors, such as the reading speed, the characters-per-line limits, timing and positioning.

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