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Nowadays, in our sophisticated societies, all aspects of daily life are governed by law. All deals and transactions, either personal or corporate, are drafted in legally binding instruments. Sometimes, such legal documents are executed in a language and needs to be translated into another language for the legal use in a foreign jurisdiction, which requires the legal translation services. Due to legal effects and consequences of such legal documents, the legal translation in Dubai must be certified and approved by an official authority, such as the Ministry of Justice, and shall be a true and correct reflection of the original document with no room for mistakes as the potential mistakes may cost you huge amount of money and more time in the courtrooms. So, the certified legal translation of your documents must be entrusted to a committed, dedicated, passionate legal translator who is certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

That You Can Trust On

With more than twenty (20) years of well-proven experience in certified legal translation, Petra Legal Translation has proven to be a fast, accurate, affordable legal translation services provider. Thanks to our linguistic skills and good understanding of legal terminology and differences between the legal systems, such as the civil law system, which is applicable in the UAE, and the common law system, we can render a true and correct legal translation in Dubai for a wide array of legal documents, such as laws, resolutions, regulations, decrees, contracts, courts judgments, legal notices, pleadings, expert reports, arbitration proceedings and awards, summons, as well as police and public prosecution reports. In addition, we can provide certified legal translation for other vital documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, driving licenses and many more services at our legal translation office in Dubai.

Due to the critical nature of such documents, the certified legal translation is rendered with full confidentiality, in a timely fashion, with utmost accuracy and for affordable rates.

We Are Proud To Be

Petra Legal Translation is a legal translation company in Dubai that is certified and approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice, as well as other government authorities in the UAE, and trusted by high-profile clientele. No more worry about your highly-sensitive, privileged or classified documents; we are here to render you the certified legal translation services with integrity, honesty and up to the industry standards.

Services perform by our Certified Legal Translators:

  • Certified legal translation of certificates
  • Certified legal translation of court judgments and orders
  • Certified legal translation of arbitration documents
  • Certified legal translation of laws and legislations
  • Certified legal translation of wills and trusts
  • Certified legal translation of affidavits
  • Certified legal translation of contracts
  • Certified legal translation of insurance documents
  • Certified legal translation of decrees and legislations
  • Certified legal translation of agreements
  • Certified legal translation of audit reports
  • Certified legal translation of financial statements
  • Certified legal translation of powers of attorney
  • Certified legal translation of invoices and cheques
  • Certified legal translation of legal notices and summons
  • Legal translation of tenders and bids
  • Certified legal translation of memorandums of understanding
  • Certified legal translation of memorandums and articles of association


Why You Should Choose Us:

Professional and Accurate Legal Translator in Dubai

As a trusted legal translation company in Dubai, Petra Legal Translation has no compromise on quality, regardless of the volume and tight deadline, thanks to a well-qualified pool of certified translators, proofreaders and support staff. Translation is nothing but a quality work delivered within the specified time. We promise your legal translation in Dubai will be professionally and accurately made with the agreed specifications and time.

Cost-effective and Affordable Legal Translation in Dubai

As a Certified Legal Translation office in Dubai, Petra Legal Translation is your final destination for professional yet affordable certified legal translation services in Dubai. Just give us your translation and rest assured that it will be done for cost-effective and affordable rates. We give the highest value for your money; top quality legal translation company in Dubai for affordable money.

Fast and Rush Legal Translation Company

As a leading legal translation services provider in Dubai, Petra Legal Translation are ready to meet the tightest deadlines for rush & overnight legal translation jobs thanks to a dedicated team of in-house legal translators in all specifications who can meet the tightest deadlines. We promise that your deadline will be met, and our lines of communication will remain open. Just give us a call for your legal translation and rest assured that it will be done and delivered on time and within the budget.

Certified Legal Translation Services

Certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and approved by all embassies, ministries and government and private authorities in the United Arab Emirates, Petra Legal Translation can be your certified legal translator in Dubai and the UAE. Just give us a call for your certified legal translation and rest assured that it will be made in line with the requirements of all governmental authorities in the UAE.

Legal Translation Company with Utmost Confidentiality

All data related to our clients are strictly confidential and under no circumstances will such data be disclosed to any third party from our legal translation office. We take realistic measures to protect the privacy.

Quality Legal Translation in Dubai

With our quality assurance system in place, Petra Legal Translation meticulously checks the translation for lexical, grammatical, semantic and cultural problem, ensuring an error-free translation service that is up to the full satisfaction of the client. Hire us now and enjoy an accurate, coherent and cohesive translation.