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There are several languages spoken across different corners of the world. Most important and official documents are issues in the native language. While using such documents for various purposes, it is important that they are translated in the language understood by users. Failure to translate such documents accurately may change the entire meaning of the document and cause serious problems in the long run. It hence becomes imperative to hire a translation service which accurately carries out translations in different languages. We at Petra Legal Translation can effectively carry out English to Arabic translation Dubai and translations in other languages with equal ease.

In addition to carrying out Arabic to English translation Dubai in Content, we at Petra Legal Translation also undertake to translate documents in several other languages including but not limited to Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Farsi, Russian, German and French. Our legal translators have certification from the U.A.E Ministry of Justice and hence can effectively carry out English to Arabic translation Dubai.

Professional and experienced translators are required for translating several kinds of documents. English to Arabic translation Dubai in content services are often sought by business organizations aiming to expand their business operations beyond the borders of their own country. Effective and error free Arabic to English translation Dubai enables business organizations to communicate about their products and services to prospective clients located in different countries. By translating business documents, product brochures and literature, they can ensure that the prospective clients located in far off places gain knowledge about the products and services offered by them. Arabic to English translation Dubai services are also hired by individuals for translating various types of legal content. Without the help of experienced and certified legal translators, translating immigration, visa and other types of legal documents can prove to be a complex task. If you are in search for such professional and certified translation services, Legal Translation Dubai can be the answer to all your needs.

We at Petra Legal Translation have a good experience in the field. We have been working in the industry for over 20 years. This experience has enabled us to create a name for ourselves in the field of  English to Arabic translation Dubai. Over the years, we have served several customers, who can vouch for our quality services. Our translators are experienced and certified and hence ensure complete satisfaction of our clients. While choosing Petra Legal Translation, you can be assured of accurate and 100% error free translated content. We hence ensure complete peace of mind to our esteemed clients. Petra Legal Translation also proves to be a reliable name as we guarantee complete privacy and confidentiality of our clients. This has made us a trusted and preferred translation service by various industries including technical translations, medical translations, marketing translations, legal translations, business translations and several others. In addition to translation services, we also offer services like attestation, copywriting, proofreading, subtitling, resume writing, interpretation and localization. Call us now to speak to our experts or to get a free quote.

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