Attestation Services in DubaiAttestation Services in Dubai

Without duly attested documents, you can’t submit your formal or private documents to the official authorities in a foreign language. Simply, such authorities don’t have any idea about whether or not your documents are genuine or fake. So, all countries request the due attestation of documents so that they can accept them. Attestation/ authentication doesn’t indicate the validity of the content of a document but the authenticity of the signature or seal affixed thereto. If you are relocating to Dubai and need to apply for visa or a job or file your documentation with the official authorities, you need to duly attest them. Legal Translation Dubai can help you in the process of attestation. Thanks to our good experience in the market, we can provide you with fast and affordable attestation services. We are a fast, committed and reliable provider of secure and safe attestation services, and we will handle whatever is related to the attestation process.

Certified legal translation office in Dubai provides the best and speedy translation services by professional certified translators in all industries. For legal translation services in Dubai, get in touch with us.

We provide the following document attestation services:

  • Attestation of Birth Certificates;
  • Attestation of Marriage Certificates;
  • Attestation of Death Certificates;
  • Attestation of Divorce Certificates;
  • Attestation of School Certificates;
  • Attestation of University Degree Certificates;
  • Attestation of Driving Licenses;
  • Attestation of Powers of Attorney;
  • Attestation of Letters of Authorization;
  • Attestation of Agreements;
  • Attestation of Memorandums & Articles of Association;
  • Attestation of Affidavits;
  • Attestation of Transcripts;
  • Attestation of Police Clearances;
  • Attestation of Medical Certificates; and
  • Attestation of Salary Certificates.
  • Attestation of Educational Certificates;


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