The expression “Legal Translation” means the translation of any text used within the legal system, either in common law system or the civil law system, form one language into another for the legal use. Sometimes, some people may call legal translation as “certified translation”, “notarized translation”, “sworn translation”, “authorized translation”, “official translation”, “accredited translation”, or “approved translation” but there are, of course,  some subtle nuances between them in terms of the jurisdiction  where they are used, the purpose for which they are intended and the meaning for which they stand.

The documents used for legal purposes are generally required to be submitted in the official language of the jurisdiction where they will be used. As a result, the term “legal translation” can include a wide variety of texts including, but not limited to, witness statements, legal rulings and precedents, patents, transcripts, official reports, financial documents, identity documentation, passports, death certificates, birth certificates, last wills and testaments, immigration documents, marriage certificates, powers of attorney, evidentiary recordings of phone calls, police interviews, court documents, contracts, complaints, judgments, affidavits,  adoption papers,  summons, legal proceedings, trusts, partnership deeds, sales contracts, real estate titles or leases papers, permits, insurance policies, trademarks and copyrights, service agreements, escrow instructions, distribution agreements or arbitration documents etc.

Basically, legal translation services in Dubai are only rendered by those specialists with relevant credentials and qualifications to do it. In the UAE, for example, the legal translation needs to be rendered by a sworn translator. A sworn translator in the UAE shall pass a legal translation exam with the UAE Ministry of Justice and shall meet the requirement of minimum five years’ experience in a legal translation office. Upon the translator’s fulfillment of the requirement of experience and passing the exam, the translator is given a permit from the Ministry of Justice to render the legal translation services and his/her translation is accompanied afterwards by his stamp recognized with the Ministry of Justice, specifically if the translation will be used for the legal or official purposes. So, when choosing a legal translator, it’s really important that the legal translator or the legal translation agency has a valid permit from the Ministry of Justice to undertake the legal translation in the UAE and has a good track record in this field as mistranslations, especially of legal documents, can lead to significant financial and legal consequences.

On the other hand, some countries sometimes do not usually require accreditation in order for an individual/agency to carry out a translation intended for the legal use, in this case, our translation agency can provide certificates of accuracy on request.

Since the legal translation is of paramount importance, those persons who need to hire a legal translation company in Dubai have to ensure that such translator or translation agency has solid legal and linguistic understanding of the languages used in both the original document (the source text) and the translated document (the target text) and is legally and validly licensed and registered with the relevant authorities and of good standing. The abilities of a translator can be considered by making sure of his/her certifications, qualifications, membership of some translation associations, as well as his/her relative experience with the languages involved, and his/her track record in the market.

The legal translation of high-profile or sensitive cases may need the translator or the translation agency to be security-cleared and to have in place a strict confidentiality policy.

So, if you have a document and need to legally translate it in a timely and professional fashion, you can assign it to Petra Legal Translation and rest always assured that your job will be legally translated according to the best industry practices.


Founded in 1999, Petra Legal Translation (PLT) has proven to be a reliable, professional and affordable legal translation provider in the Dubai, UAE. With a very professional team of legal translators and administrative staff, we have successfully managed to render very professional translation services in a timely manner to high-profile clientele in the UAE and the Middle East over 20 years. PLT is duly-licensed by the UAE Ministry of Justice and registered with Dubai Department of Economic Development.  We have a robust translation mechanism, a strict confidentiality policy and 24-hour support services.